Ski Lift
We are a trio of ski enthusiasts along with a budding ski-spouse. New to the USA, we quickly learned that most of our American skiers friends are unaware of how amazing it is to ski in Europe. When we asked them why they rarely went, they would always say things like:
●            Skiing in Europe is expensive!!
●            Skiing in the USA is the best, there is absolutely nothing elsewhere.
●            Traveling to Europe to ski just doesn't make sense, it is too far and I will need SO many vacation days.
●            Skiing in Europe is just too complicated to organize, it is all in a different language, I wouldn’t know where to fly, how to get there and where to stay.
For each of those arguments, we have a counter argument, all of which we are so passionate about that we actually wrote about each of them (and many more as you can read in the resource pages).
To start, broadly speaking, skiing in Europe is cheaper that in the USA, full stop. It is true that it is not always the case, and that the most expensive ski resort in France is more expensive than the cheapest ski resort in Breckenridge - but altogether, in an honest comparison - we are talking about much cheaper rates. Now, it is true that at times, the flight cost from NY to the EU is much more expensive than flying to Tahoe or Park city but it usually offsets with other costs and this is not always the case - as you can read at the full guide for very cheap flights to Europe for New York. Check out this piece where we compare a 7-day ski trip in Brek vs. in Sella Ronda to see that for 8 times the slopes, more than 10 times the lifts and 6 times that snow parks - you will pay 40% more in Brek.
While we had to admit that the best snow in the world was last winter in Tahoe (it was amazing, read more about it here), the overall ski experience in Europe is just… better. It has to do with so many things! Some are very easy to quantify, like the total km of slopes, the number of lifts or even the number of businesses offering different experiences (we all know that most food providers on the mountains in Colorado offer the same burger and chili for outrageous prices (more about ski food here), 
Traveling to Europe is so far - I will need to take more days off, and the hassle of getting there will ruin my experience! Well… this is partially true - Europe is indeed is further than most areas in the US. However, and this is a big however, it is not THAT far and most good resorts for us, New Yorkers - are also a 10-hour journey from us. So flying to Milan instead of Denver and add a couple of hours to the actual flight time and then to drive 3.5 hours to Val Gardena vs. 2 hours to Breckenridge - is marginally not that big of a deal - for the huge cost saving and the exponentially different experience. Read more about best route to best ski in Europe here and about cheap flights to Europe here.
The one argument we couldn't quite counter, however, is the complexity of the trip itself. It is true that booking a ski vacation in Europe is more complicated: there are too many options, not all websites are in English, there are endless choices starting with which country to choose, where to fly, how to transfer, etc. But this is why we started this website (more about our story here). Our purpose is to make skiing in Europe accessible for folks like us who love skiing and everything that a ski vacation entails: checking out and checking in, spending time with loved once, moving our body, eating without guilt, exploring new countries, meeting new people (read more about why we love ski here)
To help people like us to book the most valuable ski vacation in Europe - we built this website.