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8000-year root of a modern sport

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Modern sport that is famous globally has a past history that is gaining interest quiet like that of the sport. Skiing which has been the most liked and one of the thrilling sports of the present time is used as a tool for survival. Historical facts and findings of the game produce facts that this survival technique developed before man develop a wheel for commuting from one place to the other. This communication mode was believed to be developed in Russia as traces of the cave paintings stress more on it. This model of the commute is found also in the areas of Sweden and in Norway.

Purpose to serve the military

Skiing, although used to use as a means for communication served the military too in the regions of Norway. Traces of history revealed that forces in the 1200 B.C use this as a means to fight with the antagonist. Remarkable use of skiing has been found in the chapters of Oslo battle where the forces attack and communicate in the snow valley by taking the help of this model. This surprising fact does not end with this battle. Later on, it has been found that this model has been used in 1452 in regions of Sweden among the troops that give protection to the border.

A manual recently revealed by the historian’s state that in the year 1733 there has been a manual that describes the way skiing should be used by the forces. Right after that in the year 1767, a game of Ski has been originated. This game is entirely different from the competition that was performed. This competition usually took place between the forces so that they can make the balance during the war and have the practice going g on. What makes the fact more interesting is that the forces were paid for the game that they are involved in and with rewards.

Development of the sport in Europe

Europeans use to take any kind of game ort any kind of recreational activities after judging it and skiing was not the exception. After the publication of a book in the year 1888 skiing was first taken a grant by the European. This book describes the expedition of Greenland where skiing was one of the main components that has been given stress. The way skiing needs to bind is very limited at that time as people do not have the idea of attaching everything that could look for the safety of the people associated with it. Modern skiing if to be looked at then it is developed with the way people from Norway used to wear in the yesteryears.

History of sports is so fascinating that it takes interest from you to know more about the developments and the inventories that the yesteryear people made. Double layered ski was first invented in Norway and it takes no excuses to state that hard hickory was used to form the base. Inventions at that period are still going on and that people are making the best possible way to make the thing more rigid and sticky. The problem at that time is found that glues that were used for the sporting event are not waterproof and for that these found to create a problem when the snowfall is the most.

Development of ski and the game all through ages

All through the ages, it has been found that developments have been made for ski but at times there are missing of the inventions that hamper in the development. The year 1959 is important for ski as in this year fiberglass was first introduced for the making. This experiment is found to be successful and that the demand of the product in the market is found to be high. Aluminum and wood which have been the main component for making skis have been successfully replaced and that this development has spread all through Europe. As the game has taken place in most of the events replacements also found to be applied in the making and that steel has been in use since 1989. Shapes are also defined and that side cutting ski has given preferences by the sportsperson. The game has been famous all through Europe but in 1950 it spreads all through the world as for the first time television covers the entire game.

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