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Ski in Italy

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

When you think of Italy, you think of good food, beautiful landscapes, charming villages - the perfect environment for a romantic gateway of a family start trip. What not many people know - is that Italy is considered by many (yours truly, included) to be the best place in the world for the perfect ski vacation. Here why:

Italian cuisine is perfect for avid skiers and snowboarders

What do you need if you exercise intensively? Carbohydrates. What do marathon runners eat the night before a marathon? Pasta. In Italy, you are in the right place as a fanatic winter sports enthusiast.

The price of all that delicious food is also a lot lower on average

You pay a lot less for a pizza and pasta in Italy than in other winter sports countries. Certainly, if you go to tax-free paradise Livigno, you pay no tax there and the prices are a lot lower.

If they know what good food is somewhere, then it's in Italy. Even the most simple pasta turns them into a dish that you lick your fingers at. And then I have not even mentioned the pizzas, which often also come from the wood-fired oven on the mountain. In addition to Italian classics, I recommend that you try local specialities such as canederli, strangolapreti and krapfen. And don't forget fine cheeses and salami sausages ...

On the slopes in Italy, you lunch relatively cheaply and also very tasty. You order a simple pasta for 6 or 7 euros and for a good piece of meat with a side dish you pay no more than 15 euros. Also, the accommodations are generally just as nicer priced than in the surrounding countrie

The language is beautiful

Most of us don't understand it, but it doesn't matter. The Italian language sounds a lot nicer than the German language that we often hear in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Italian wine tastes better in Italy itself

Logically, Italian red wine tastes better in Italy. Preferably in combination with Italian pasta, pizzas and ham. The chance that you will get headache wine in Italy is a lot smaller than in other countries. And then we are not even talking about the Prosecco and the Aperol Spritz!

Italian coffee.

In other countries, we never dare order cappuccinos as well. The milk is often more like soapy water than the perfect cream layer that belongs to a real cappuccino and the coffee itself is often not plum. In Italy you don't have to worry about that, it doesn't matter if you are in you hotel, or a small hut on the slope - a creamy, aromatic coffee experience is gurenteed

The chance of the sun is greater in Italy than in the USA

Italy is a bit more southerly than Austria and Switzerland and therefore it is a bit closer to the equator. The sun shines a little longer in Italy in the winter and the chance of the sun is also slightly higher than in the northern neighbours.

The sun simply shines more in the south and that is certainly wonderful during winter sports. Descending in the sun is simply much nicer than in the thick fog. And in between relaxing in a lounger or having a drink on a sunny terrace, what is better than that?


In Italy, they have their own version of a hot alcoholic drink during or after skiing: the bombardino. This small calorie bomb is a yellow egg liqueur with a generous dash of whipped cream. For this drink alone you should go on a winter sports holiday in Italy

The best views

Okay, the mountains are always beautiful, but there are mountains and mountains. And in Italy there are a lot of really tough mountains. Think of the impressive rock formations in the Dolomites, but also the tallboys such as Monte Rosa and Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc). Skiing with a view of these mountains will definitely give your winter sport some extras.

Breuil-Cervinia, at the end of the Val Tournenche, has emerged as one of the most important winter sports centres in northern Italy. The place consists mainly of apartment buildings. At various points in Cervinia people have tried to adapt the accommodations to the landscape by using a lot of wood.

Madonna di Campiglio has been known for years as one of the most refined winter sports centres in Europe. Madonna di Campiglio has a sophisticated appearance. Luxury hotel accommodation and various apartment buildings determine the location. The luxury character of this place implies that the price level is on the high side.

My favorite ski area in the whole wide world

Different people might disagree with me - but in my opinion - the Dolomites offer the best ski experience on planet earth. I will write more about it, but for me - the 12 connected villages connected by the Dolomitie SuperSki pass offer the best value for money both in terms of ski (slopes, parks, weather, etc.) and anything that is not ski (restaurants, bars, non-ski activities.

It is not that far!

Direct flight from NYC to Milan is only 8 hours! (ok - return is 9:45, but still it is not too bad!!) and given the above 9 points - wouldn't you agree it worth the trip???


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